On your first visit to our office, you can expect a through consultation and examination with the doctor.
Allows the physician to see and view hard and soft tissue structures that could not be seen on traditional x-ray film.
Traditional, but the most modern computerized EKG to view heart stress or dysfunction.
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Qualified Physician

Dr. Richard Santelli was raised in the Oklahoma City area and went to college and pre-medical courses at the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a second generation Chiropractor, Graduating from Cleveland College of Chiropractic Medicine in 1981.

Chiropractic Internists

Our chiropractic physicians are trained as chiropractic internists, and as such, they are specially equipped to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of conditions from a common cold to chronic illnesses and diseases. Being a chiropractic internist places our doctors in the unique position of utilizing advanced diagnostic methods to uncover the source of illness and then treating it with holistic and natural supplements to correct the illness.


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